10 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid in India

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Travelling keeps your spirits up and breaks the monotonous routine of everyday life. For those who love travelling, exploring new places and visiting the untouched and offbeat destinations is the driving force of life that keeps them lively and energetic. No doubt we are living on a beautiful planet and there are innumerable destinations all over the world that should be visited at least once in lifetime whenever we get an opportunity to do so. Indeed it is like venturing into a new love affair, discovering new places, meeting different people and relishing an awesome variety of delicious cuisines. One such destination is India. A land of diverse culture, topography, language and tradition welcomes you with its upscale hospitality and warmth in the hearts of people. But while planning your visit to this incredible country be cautious about certain things that should be kept in mind and mistakes that should be avoided.

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1. Drinking Bad Water

tap drinking water
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No one likes to fall sick on a vacation. In India remember not to drink regular tap water from local streets as foreigners’ immune system is not adapted to such stuff. Make sure that you carry filtered water or packaged drinking water. The mixed drinks you are drinking have filtered or clean water. Also, see that your bottled water is properly sealed and is not leaking from anywhere. The restaurants from where you are eating should be of high repute.

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2. Paying Highly for Transport

dont pay high for transport in india

Transport covers a big part of any travel budget. You must have even heard of scams on tourists that come to India so beware of vendors who can trick you. Never pay them whatever they ask for. It will result in huge loses to you. Never sit in a taxi or auto without a meter as they might offer you a rate 10 times higher than the actual cost. You can even calculate the kilometres of your destination and then ask for the rate per kilometre. Also, remember that the fares are just double at the night hours

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3. Visiting at the Wrong Time

best time to travel in india

It is very important to know the ongoing season in India before you plan your travel. As India is endowed with diverse topography different places have different climate and temperatures at different times. You will not be welcomed with the same air everywhere. Like if you visit Goa in the monsoon season you will end up disappointed or be prepared to freeze if you wish to enjoy river rafting at Rishikesh in December or January. The ideal time to visit India is between October and March though you can plan your trip anytime keeping in mind the climatic conditions prevailing at that time.

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4. Carrying too much or No Cash

keep enough money while traveling india

In India, people are reluctant to accept plastic money and there are also not many credit card machines at various places. Carry just enough cash that is required else you may keep standing in long queues. Don’t carry extra cash also in case you may lose it or it may get stolen at some secluded or crowded places.

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5. Dressing Inappropriately for Spiritual Places

cultural dress of india

There are few places in India to which religious sentiments of people are attached and one has to be cautious about the attire and dressing sense in those places. One has to show respect and reverence over few religious places and temples and should wear proper clothes that are not too revealing. If possible cover your head too or exposed body parts.

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6. Trusting Locals at Unknown Destinations

do not trust unknown

When you are on thrilling destinations offering adventure activities like skiing, paragliding etc, local vendors charge you much more than the normal rates for adventure sports. Many times you may be cheated and you may be charged extra on the name of packages. Be very careful and get to know the rates of different things beforehand if possible.

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7. Over Packing


It is quite natural to pack a lot of stuff when you are planning a trip to any destination as you wish to wear a different outfit for every occasion but be prepared for disadvantages of packing more. First of all, you may be charged with extra baggage fees. Besides this, you would have to carry unnecessary stuff. Instead, you can carry some regular stuff and leave space to buy things from India and bring back home. Laundry facilities are also available at every hotel.

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8. Moving without checking Your Cell Phone Plan

check mobile data before go for travel

It is important to be aware about the data plan you are having and whether it covers your roaming fees. Always turn your mobile data off while in a plane and turn it to aeroplane mode. If the network connection is an inevitable affair for you then buy an international plan or a local SIM card once you arrive.

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9. Keep Your Valuables in Safe Custody


Avoid carrying expensive things or valuables on your trips like electronic items, jewellery and similar things. If it is essential then either deposit them in the safe custody of the hotel or carry them in anti-theft bags.

10. Trying to Explore Much in Less Time

Be well aware that India is not a country that could be explored in one visit. Do not try to cover the whole country in one or two days. India has so much to discover and see that every region of India needs many days. Never be in a rush while planning a trip to this amazing country. Plan a proper itinerary and take ample amount of time with you.




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