Indian Wedding Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

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If you hail from a foreign land but are curious and excited to attend an Indian wedding it is a kind of mixed feeling that will keep you anticipating about what to do and what to avoid, in order to enjoy the wedding without hurting the sentiments of anyone as you are not quite aware of the customs and traditions of the Indian wedding. Last year, my office colleague from India invited me to his wedding and I was very much looking forward to experience an Indian wedding for the first time. Soon after receiving the invitation I booked first flights to India and travelled to Delhi where the wedding was due to take place. So here, I will tell you how to make Indian wedding an enjoyable affair keeping certain points in your mind. With the baffling array of ceremonies and rituals associated with Indian weddings, it is quite natural to be apprehensive about certain things but I assure you that adhering to certain regulations will keep you at ease.

 Dress Code: – If you are invited to an Indian wedding or any other religious ceremony it is appreciated if you wear Indian attire like Saree for women and kurta pajama for men. No matter what you wear but it should be descent and not obscene.  Besides, you have to sit crossed legs on floor in many ceremonies so tight fitting or exposing attire may make you uncomfortable.

 Colours that Should be Avoided:- Wedding is an auspicious occasion and hence all colours  will look good  except white and black which are forbidden in Indian celebrations. White is worn during funerals and black symbolize mourning. All bright colours could be tried except bright red which is reserved for the bride.

 Covering the Head: – Several rituals and ceremonies, especially in Sikhs and Hindus require covering of the bare head. So, carry a stall or dupatta to cover your head or other exposed parts of your body like arms and shoulders. Men usually cover their head with a handkerchief.

 Removal of Shoes:- Many of the religious sites or places where sacred rituals are being performed require shoes and footwear to be taken off before entering the area. On certain places wearing socks are acceptable while on others you have to be completely bare feet.

 No Kissing the Bride:- As it is customary for the bride and bridegroom to kiss each other on the occasion of their wedding in western countries, it is quite opposite in India. The bride is expected to behave in a very coy and poise manner and not allowed to even dance with others in the party.

 Gifts and Accolades:- It is a common, years old ritual in Indian weddings to give monetary gift in form of money or vouchers which are placed in pretty envelopes with the name tag of the guest along with best wishes. Also, adding one rupee to the round figure is considered to bring good fortune for the married couple example Rs. 501, Rs. 101 etc.

Keep a few above mentioned things in mind and forget the rest. Don’t hesitate to book cheap flight tickets to India on your next wedding invitation to India.


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