10 Best Places To Celebrate Holi In India

Holi in India
Holi in India

The holy celebrations are on and it is just around the corner. As winter start fading away and the spring hovers in the air, India gets ready to prepare for the most jovial and colourful festival of Holi. A flight to India is all you need and you need to book them as early as you can to avail cheapest flights to India.

Since thousands of years, Holi is a widely popular, ancient religious Hindu festival celebrated during spring all over India. Are you itching to celebrate Holi away from home? You just need to travel to India during these days. Meanwhile, enjoy the culture of Holi in different Indian cities and choose your cultural flair to explore and experience something new.

Holi in Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan

Holi Festival in Vrindavan
Holi Festival in Vrindavan

Holi celebration in India began at this place. History goes down several years back and today Holi is observed with grand fervour and gusto in the city of Vrindavan.

In a way, one can say that Holi welcomes the atmosphere of spring and bids goodbye to the cold winters. The colourful gaiety is followed by epic processions where people drown in the dance and tunes of the musicians.

Before Holi, the city enjoys a time of throwing flowers to the temple devotees and smears each other in various colours.

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The Colours in Shantiniketan

In the interiors of West Bengal, there is a tradition that still sets hearts on fire. Being an old and leading university where Rabindranath Tagore initiated the Basant Utsav, the Holi vigour is unparalleled and worth experiencing.

The students dress up in wonderful attires and put up a huge show that highlights the inception of Holi on the Indian soil. Enjoy dancing in circles to the traditional Bengali songs and music. For Holi festival in India, there are plenty low-cost flights to India that will not allow you to break the bank. You can enjoy this flamboyant festival with zest and freedom.

Lathmar Holi at Barsana

It may seem rude and unfair, but this bizarre tradition has been in the state of Uttar Pradesh since long. You get to see the men being beaten up by the women holding sticks while playing Holi. Every aspect of this celebration is taken as a fun-filled festivity. It is quite a spectacle and amusing to hear the women giggle as they hurl the sticks over the men.

Legend says that Lord Krishna visited his beloved Radha’s village and teased her as they played Holi. Due to the teasing, the women chased Lord Krishna away. Bearing this significance, the men visit the town of Barsana every year just to be greeted by the sticks that the women hold.

The Holi in the capital – Delhi

There are places to celebrate Holi in India, but there is nothing like Delhi. Water balloons and water guns can be seen in the hands of children running on the streets and aiming at people from rooftops. Now, Delhi does get a bit rowdy when it comes to Holi. Add a bit of zest by visiting the music festival, which is called Holi Cow. With flights to Delhi from UK, you will surely have a gala time in the grand city of Delhi especially in Holi.

The ‘Holi Moo’ fest has been seen as an underground movement for friends, musicians and artists who wish to take the Holi festival to a completely new level. Adding a bit of madness, the festival displays multiple features, lip-smacking food varieties and other cultural frivolities.

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Yaoshang Festival of Manipur

Let’s take you on a festive tour towards North-East. We welcome you to a six-day festival to Manipur that takes place on the full moon day of Phulguna. It’s a mind-blowing extravaganza where you can witness customary musicians, folk dancers, bonfires and out of the world food.

So if you are planning a trip to Manipur in the month of February, get ready to enter into a world very different. Even if you cannot speak their language, make sure you wear their customary clothes and take part in the Thabal Chongba dance, where men and women hold hands and dance in circles.

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Holla Mohalla in Punjab

The state of Punjab celebrates Holi in a different way than others. There is shouting, games, martial arts performances, and fun with colours. Do not miss the rich food that includes puris, gujias, halwas, malpuas and more.

You can also enjoy mock fights, defense tactics, thrilling horse-riding, sword fights and daring feats that will make your jaws drop. No wonder, the Sikh community is full of gallant and fearless people. Apart from these hair-raising events, there are several Sikh temples where you can listen to religious lectures and songs as well as relish traditional lunch with a large group of people sitting on the ground.

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Holi in Hampi

Holi is now on everybody’s mouth and mind. Families, party-goers and the young people are getting ready for the time of their lives. So, Happy Holi Hampi!!! The screams go out as the day approaches. Holi in the states of South India is extremely rare.

Due to the gathering of foreign tourists in the amazing city of Hampi, Holi has a special place in the hearts of the people. Colours and music will surely take your hearts away. If you are planning a trip to Hampi, avail all-inclusive deals to the glorious city of Hampi and create undying memories.

The crowd might seem a bit rough. If you are a first-timer, you will get to know that every action turns out to be a fun-filled event. Everyone forgets all their strife, struggles and grudges and lives life as if there’s no tomorrow.

Holi in Purulia, West Bengal

Purulia is one of those districts with a rich cultural heritage with folk dances such as Tusu, Bhadu and Jhumur, not to forget the marital dance called Chhau. So, let us come back to West Bengal again and allow you to enjoy a 3-day festival called ‘Basant Utsava’.

This folk festival is celebrated in the district of Purulia before the real Holi festival. Admire traditional dance one after the other followed by a mouth-watering Bengali feast and songs.

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Royal Holi in Udaipur

Holi in Rajasthan is spectacular and royal. Right on the day of Holi, the King of Mewar greets the guests and other dignitaries into the palace. The king himself is dressed in royal robes and a huge bonfire is lit to illuminate the grounds.

Folk dances are performed that displays victory of good over evil. The drumming is the unique part of this festival that sets the tone for the evening as the sun sets in all its glory. End your day with a royal dinner, cocktails and fireworks.

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Holi in Jaipur

It is said that Jaipur is one of the best destinations for Holi celebration. The enthusiasm of the people is sky-touching, but it’s more than that. Rajasthan Tourism arranges special shows for visitors in the vicinity of Khasa Kothi Hotel. This event is followed by song performances, folk dances and a grand festive lunch. You need not be a guest of this hotel to attend the event, just prepare yourself to experience something captivating.

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Planning to attend Holi Festival in India in 2018? You are just a flight and package away from being soaked in colours of Holi. FlightstoIndia.co.uk offer best flight deals along with budget holiday packages and tours that will not only bring you face to face with this vibrant festival but also provide opportunity to explore India’s culture and architecture.


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