Beautiful Places to Visit in Ayodhya


Many might not have thought but Ayodhya is a quick weekend getaway in India when it comes to plan all inclusive holidays to India. This place has great religious significance in the life of Hindus as it is the birth place of their Lord Rama and also has reference in the great epic Ramayana that was written by the then renowned and sagacious poet, Valmiki. All this happened long back in the Sat Yug era as per Hindu mythology but the verses of Ramayana still echo in the houses of all Hindus. If you wish to explore Ayodhya, it is sure that this place will keep you captivated not only with it’s mysticism and local sightings that bear resemblance from the life of Lord Rama, but also with many famous destinations that one can easily visit.

Places to Visit in Ayodhya

Nageshwarnath Temple:

This famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is quite popular among the pilgrims, especially at the time of Shivratri, when huge number of devotees flung to the place. There is a belief that the temple was built by Kush, the son of Lord Rama. He once left his armlet in river Saryu, and it was found by a naag-kanya, (the maiden of the nagas) who had fallen in love with him. Kush built a temple for her as she was a devotee of Lord Shiva.


This primeval place is the one most venerated and worshipped in Ayodhya, majorly on the occasion of Ram Navami, the day when Lord Rama was born.

Treta Ke Thakur:- 

This is an important religious spot, as this is the place where Lord Rama performed the famous Ashwamedha Yagna. Around 300 years ago, the Raja of Kullu, built a new temple at this site with the name of Kaleram ka Mandir. The idols of Rama, Lakshman and Sita in this temple are believed to be from the original Ram mandir.

Mani Parbat:-

This hillock has an exciting legendary reference. It is supposed that when Hanuman was carrying the hill with Sanjeevani Booti, a part of that majestic hill broke off and fell here.

Hanuman Garhi:-

This is the place where Hanuman lived and guarded the birthplace of Ram called the Ram Janmbhoomi. Localites believe that a visit to this sacred shrine will make all your dreams come true and will grant all your wishes.

How to Reach Ayodhya

By Air:- The nearest airport is Lucknow, which is around 130 Kilometers from Ayodhya. One can book cheap flights from London to India. Reach the airport in Lucknow and hire a cab all the way to Ayodhya from there.

In short Ayodhya is the holy pilgrimage of Hindus as sentiments of many people are attached to the birth place of their Lord Ram. Apart from bearing religious relevance, Ayodhya also has many beautiful natural spots and temples that are worth visiting


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